In the next few month the contents of this exhibition will be decided upon


This exhibition aims to articulate and diffuse important work and research in the visual
arts taking place in the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean by contemporary and historical
artists born and based in the Seychelles and internationally.
Artists from the Seychelles are represented along with artists based in North America and
Europe. Of the artists who were not born in the country that they represent, I believe
that their work is so specifically and universally relevant to this exhibition that it
would not be possible to exclude their work, hence its nature as a survey and a study of
visual arts and historical legacies and hidden narratives being researched and produced in
the Indian Ocean selected under the aegis of the Seychelles.
Work has also been commissioned specifically for the project, 
building on the oceanic-universal themes of certain pieces and artists represented.
We hope to gather and bring to together these practices and concerns of historical,
modern, avant­garde and contemporary postcolonial visual art in the global international
art world at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015.
Our presentation confirms an inaugural point of departure through specific narratives that
should open a discourse and study.

Nitin Shroff


In addition, this exhibition will also have a possitive effect on:

•Recognition for the work of Seychellois artists on the biggest international stage
•Profiling the Seychelles as a tourist destination where unique and exquisite environments are complemented by an intense cultural lexicon
•Establishing international networking at national, corporate, gallery and personal levels
•Increased visitor numbers to our country, with Biennale representation featured extensively in our promotional materials
•A significant elevation in the international credibility of contemporary Seychelles work and a consolidation and extension of reputations of our finest artists
•Added value through the extended exposure for other art forms in Seychelles which would benefit from the high interest created through Biennale representation.
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