Update MAY 2015: Download the Seychelles Pavilion catalogue by clicking the linked file above

Update Feb 2015: Artists have been selected!! Congratulations to George Camille and Leon Radegonde

Update Jan 2015Curators of the Seychelles Pavilion are Sarah J. McDonald and Victor Schaub Wong


A Clockwork Sunset

The Republique of Seychelles representation in this Biennale is an engagement exploring the identity of the Seychellois today. A monumental time given to the exposure of the artistic undercurrent. The archipelago is intrinsically associated with postcard views of palm tree lined sandy beaches and clockwork sunsets. What is rarely understood is the flip side, the text side of this postcard.

The Seychelles history contains elements of troubled times guilefully cemented in the last decades under its luscious natural beauty.         

Lalyann Anvaisan (Creepers) a work by George Camille, b. 1963, explores the infrastructural demands brought on by the islands principle economic activity, tourism.

These interests which are often conflicting with the responsibility of protecting the environment. With recent developments, the installation intends to reveal the fragile relationship between the economic and environmental policies presently implemented. This multi-media work uses materials which have been decommissioned, reclaimed and sourced locally from Seychelles. The visitor is placed within this conflict; the endgame leaving its stain.

Post-Scriptum a series presented by Leon Radegonde, b.1950, extracts childhood memories, memorializes tarnished histories and weathers the tides of change. Petrol soaked clothes are seared, sewn, inscribed and laid to rest. Only one face of this multi-dimensional work will be exposed leaving the observer in the space between a displaced past with that of a forgotten future.

To speculate one's future, one must understand one's history. The identity of the Seychelles is being redefined at great speeds. The often muted voices of its artists are shedding a new light to the richness and complexity of a culture. How will this sub-text now be played off with its clockwork sunsets?

Sarah J. McDonald & Victor Schaub-Wong


Biographies of the Curators


Sarah J. McDonald, (American, lives and works in Raray, France) founded Incubator5066 + Hanger in 2007 to provide a bridge between underexposed artists with galleries and institutions. She curated the exhibition ‘La Salle d’Attente’ in 2013, presenting 3 artists in an abandoned farm house and garden. She is also the contemporary art consultant for the Tia Collection (private collection). In addition to constructing and acquiring for the Tia Collection, she is involved in placing the works in museums and institutions around world.


Victor Schaub Wong, (American, lives and works in Paris, France) is creative director and partner at Fastboil, a multi-media communication agency. He studied and practiced architecture, but has devoted the last 20 years to helping others communicate better. He works across various sectors addressing issues of identity with his clients. He was co-founder of the “evansandwong” catalogue (1994-2000), an art and design catalogue of young artists and designers, providing them an outlet for exposure and to collectors. He is also a consultant to Incubator5066, founded by Sarah J. McDonald.


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